Friday, December 22, 2006

Chip N Dale (Cartoon Series)

Chip 'N' Dale - Here Comes Trouble DvdRip

AVI DivX video 225kbps 656x464 audio MP3 128kbps, 698MB 53min english

The most mischievous characters to ever come out of Disney studios, Chip ‘N’ Dale are cute, cuddly and always in the center of trouble. Here is a special collection of their adventures that will have you and your family laughing again and again.

It’s double trouble in “Chip ‘N’ Dale Go Nuts” when Donald tries to chop down their house for firewood, along with their supply of nuts! Then, Chip ‘N’ Dale make themselves at home in Donald’s train set in “Out Of Scale”. It’s romantic mayhem when Chip ‘N’ Dale like the same girl in “Two Chips And A Miss”. In “Food For Feudin’ ”, Pluto wants to hide his bones in the same tree where Chip ‘N’ Dale store their acorns!

Chip 'N' Dale - Trouble in a Tree DvdRip

AVI DivX video 221kbps 656x480 audio MP3 128kbps, 698MB 54min english

Donald Duck goes nuts when he finds himself 'Out On A Limb' as he tries to prune Chip 'N' Dale's tree home! In 'Corn Chips,' Donald convinces them to shovel his snowy sidewalk but ends up shovelling popcorn! Next, it's Christmas and Chip 'N' Dale fight with Donald over the goodies under his tree in 'Toy Tinkers.' Guess who invite themselves over for Donald's pancakes in 'Three For Breakfast'?

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