Wednesday, November 22, 2006 - Kate Winslet - Holy Smoke {1999}

AKA: Holy Smoke
Director: Jane Campion
Rated: R
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 114 minutes
Theatrical Release: 02/22/2000
US DVD Release: 03/01/2005

Entrancingly curvaceous Kate Winslet plays a well-educated Aussie who goes searching for the meaning of life and finds it with a cult that worships a multiple-monkey-headed god in Holy Smoke (1999). It isn't long before Kate's parents lure her home and have deprogrammer Harvey Keitel try to bring Kate back down to earth. Soon enough, Kate is the one leading Harvey on a search for the meaning of lust during their three days alone together. The bad news: Harvey continues his full-frontal streak here. The great news: Kate keeps right up when it comes to taking it all off. Ms. Winslet should get a special award for being a bona fide A-list celeb who continues to bare with great frequency in her films.

Fast Forward to: (1:04) Great Kate is completely nude as she walks up to Harvey in the desert and tries to cool off the heated climate with her own pee. Harvey is suitably impressed and brings back the heat with a sexy bang session.

Skinfo: Director Jane Campion is reunited with Keitel, her man from The Piano (1993), where Holly Hunter did the full monty. The great director continues to triumph with In the Cut (2003), where Meg Ryan sheds her good-girl image . . . and her top!


Clip 1: She is completely nude walking up to Harvey Kietel in the desert. Sweet

Clip 2: Nude laying in bed with Harvey Kietel. Then they get up. A bit dark

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